About the makers

Hi, my name is Sean and I make furniture with my partner Ebony. I love making, sanding and finishing wood! Ebony and I work with a couple of shops that supply beautiful live edge unfinished wood. You will see most of my store is filled with Mango, Teak and Redwood.

We work together as a team to offer high quality pieces to our customers. Our meditation altars, serving trays, cutting and charcuterie boards are perfect for everyone. We use them constantly and they bring a special feeling into our home.

When I first started finishing wood pieces I was discouraged by the fact that every finish contained poisonous toxins that are bad for people and the environment. I was determined to find a finish that was natural and had no chemicals, toxins or hardeners. I did! I found Odie’s Oil, an amazing product that is made from plant oils, food waxes and is chemical free. I also met the owner and his family who are very loving people and taught us how to use their product. All of my pieces are finished with Odie’s Oil and are guaranteed to be food safe and toxin free. 

how it all started

I had a few friends over and I was contemplating buying a kitchen table. One of my friends suggested creating a bistro kitchen table look. I loved the idea and decided to find the nearest wood mill. I wanted a natural piece of wood I could mount to the wall. I found the mill and I went crazy!! I loved all the different types of wood and the feeling it produced! I bought a piece of spalted maple and I fell in love with the finishing process. I made many mistakes but the finished product was so beautiful! My next visit to the wood mill I was shown a piece of Redwood. I was so impressed by the energy it conveyed and all of the beautiful markings and character it possessed. I was hooked and began my journey with making unique furniture and wood decor.